Ending homelessness for veterans is a priority at OPCS.  We offer a variety of options for the veteran and family who are struggling with homelessness.

The veteran programs at OPCS are operated in partnership with the Veterans Administration, the City of Tucson and other community partners. We welcome veterans with criminal justice history, and those discharging from the hospital, detox or treatment.

OPCS is an experienced veteran service provider in Tucson.  The VA Hospital provides immediate and effective detoxification services and a full range of medical, psychiatric and rehabilitative care services.  OPCS supports these interventions by offering:

  • Assistance with ID, birth certificates, food and clothing
  • Structured housing free of drugs and alcohol
  • Case management
  • Substance abuse counseling and recovery support
  • Employment supports
  • Bus passes
  • 12-Step and SMART Recovery
  • Referral to other community based services
  • Life skills classes
  • Assistance with permanent housing upon completion

For veterans who receive service-connected benefits, eligibility and referral for OPCS Veteran Assistance programs is determined by the Tucson VA Homeless Clinic, located at SAVAHCS, 3601 S 6th Ave., Building 90, Tucson, AZ.

OPCS also serves veterans who are not eligible for VA benefits due to discharge status. One may apply for  OPCS emergency/bridge housing.

The Veterans Court

One program that is independent of the VA is the City of Tucson Veterans Court.   The Veterans Court is a collaboration of the courts of the City of Tucson, Town of Marana, Town of Oro Valley, Town of Sahuarita, and City of South Tucson. It is a six-month diversion program that keeps veterans with misdemeanor crimes out of the court system and puts them into treatment. OPCS provides housing and treatment for participants in this program as needed.