The barriers that former inmates face can make it so difficult just to survive. As a result, many quickly return to their old habits and lives and, all too often, back to prison. For men and women who are ready for change, OPCS offers an alternative.

People who use the OPCS Reentry Recovery programs generally come directly from the institution to OPCS housing immediately upon release. The wide range of services offered allows each person the opportunity to personalize their plan towards independence to meet their individual needs.

Working closely with multiple federal, city, county and community partners, we are able to offer an array of enhanced and graduated supportive services, which include:

  • Well-furnished, shared housing units
  • Properties located near city bus lines
  • Individualized case management
  • Staff on site 24 hours for support and guidance
  • Substance abuse counseling and recovery support
  • Trauma therapy
  • Employability skills training
  • Employment placement
  • Life Skills groups
  • Family reunification, and
  • Assistance with obtaining public benefits.

In addition, a returning citizen will find structure and support and encouragement from peers and staff.  The primary goal for each client is to exit to permanent housing with income and improved wellness to help them maintain a healthy lifestyle.

I had a home, not a dorm – OPCS puts you in an apartment and they give you a key.  The first night, I got the best sleep I had had in 26 years.