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What kind of housing does OPCS provide?

OPCS has short-term housing available as a transitional step to permanent housing.  This includes:

How many reentry recovery community and emergency/bridge housing placements are available at OPCS?

In transitional housing with treatment for substance use disorder, OPCS has over 50 beds for men and women returning from incarceration.

In emergency/bridge housing, OPCS has 16 beds for individuals and 4 units for families.

I am a veteran experiencing homelessness. What should I do to obtain housing and services?

OPCS has multiple veterans programs in partnership with the VA. The entry point for these programs is Building 90 at the VA. Apply in person at the Tucson VA Homeless Clinic in Building 90 located at SAVAHCS, 3601 S 6th Ave, Tucson, AZ 85723.

I am a veteran who is homeless but who is NOT qualified for VA benefits. Can OPCS help me with housing and services?

Yes, you may apply for OPCS emergency/bridge housing

How long does it take to get placed?

Placement can be immediate if beds are open. If not, you will be approved to a waiting list and placed immediately when a bed is available.

I have submitted an application. What do I do next?

You will be contacted by an OPCS staff member or you may call the OPCS main office at 520-546-0122.

I am currently experiencing homelessness but do not have substance use or mental health issues. What do I do to obtain housing?

The first step is to complete a survey regarding your homelessness called the VI SPDAT (Vulnerability Index Service Prioritization Tool). OPCS is a coordinated access point for anyone experiencing homelessness to complete this survey. Those most vulnerable in the community will be matched with community partners that have housing options open when they become available. Click here to see additional locations in Tucson where you may complete the VI SPDAT.

I have a friend or relative being released from prison in the near future. How can I get him/her into OPCS for reentry housing and services?

OPCS welcomes those returning to the community after incarceration.  We are an approved facility by the parole department. You may call our office to request that an application be mailed to your friend or relative. Please call 520-546-0122 between 8:00 am and 5:00 pm on weekdays.

How much does bridge, low demand or transitional housing cost at OPCS?

Housing in the veteran, bridge housing and low-barrier programs are paid for through grants and contracts.  The average cost to provide housing for all other clients in transitional programs is $100 per week.

OPCS doesn’t turn anyone away due to lack of ability to make immediate payment.  The OPCS Community Home Fund has been established to provide financial assistance until the client finds a job or qualifies for disability income.

Does OPCS provide rental assistance?

OPCS does not provide rental assistance.  If you do not expect to become homeless within 14 days, and need assistance with rent or utilities, please use the resources below. Public libraries provide Internet access., or 1-877-211-8661

I am looking for other resources not specifically mentioned on your website. What is a good place to find them?

Good resources include:

Tucson Pima Coalition to End Homelessness Need Help Brochure

Affordable, Accessible Housing

2-1-1 Arizona- Community Information and Referral