Corporations and business owners recognize more and more that one of the keys to find and retain the most valuable employees is by having a corporate social responsibility program. Today’s top-tier work force is socially savvy, and wants to be a part of an organization that is giving back.

Partnering with OPCS is an excellent way to promote your corporate social responsibility goals while making a lasting impact.  There are multiple ways that this can happen.

OPCS has worked with corporations of all sizes to build customized partnerships that allow them to give back to our community.  Some of those include:

  • Corporate grants
  • Corporate sponsorships
  • Matching gifts, and
  • Workplace giving campaigns

Corporate Grants and Sponsorships

Does your company offer corporate grants and sponsorships?  Talk to management and find out how you can help OPCS apply for these programs and let us know.

Matching Gifts Double Your Donation

Many companies offer matching gift programs to encourage employees to contribute to charitable organizations. Some provide matching funds to support employee volunteer hours. Most match contributions dollar for dollar, and some will even double or triple the amount of your gift.

To make this happen:

  • Complete your portion of the matching gift form and mail or email it to OPCS, Attn: Development Department, 4501 E 5th St, Tucson AZ  85711, or
  • OPCS Development staff will complete the form and submit it to the company for the matching gift.

Check with your company to see if it offers a matching gift program that will match your gift or volunteer hours to OPCS.

Workplace Giving Campaigns

We know that when you take the time to give, you want simple and convenient options. To accommodate this request, OPCS partners with employers all over the state to allow their employees the option of giving through the workplace. 

In some companies, employees are given the opportunity to direct a portion of their paycheck to the charities of their choice through workplace giving campaigns. You can help us serve individuals in need of housing by directing your workplace contribution to OPCS.

In others, workplace giving allows the company to make large grants to agencies that align with the corporate culture. In either case, contact your employer to find out how to get involved in workplace giving.

Here is a short list of giving campaigns that allow you to designate OPCS as the recipient of your workplace contribution.

  • Federal, State, County and City government employees
  • United Way workplace campaigns
  • Raytheon
  • Wells Fargo

Do your company participate in a workplace campaign? Let us know.

Contact us

Interested in learning more about corporate giving?  Contact Monica Durand, Chief Development Officer at 520 445-7080 or