The OPCS Continuum of Services

Mission: When people face homelessness, Old Pueblo Community Services offers housing, counseling and support services to help them transform their lives.


The Outreach team works in the Tucson community to identify persons in need of housing and linking them to housing in or outside of the OPCS system. Additionally, an outreach team enters the Arizona Department of Corrections to identify high needs individuals who will be released homeless from incarceration, and an OPCS Therapist conducts outreach in the Pima County jail to identify similar clients pending release from the jail homeless.

Homeless Medical Respite Level II

Homeless Medical Respite Level II provides low barrier housing and supportive services to persons with moderate to low-risk medical conditions who are discharged homeless from hospitals.

Supportive Housing

Supportive Housing includes site based options such as the Tucson House, as well as scattered site housing. This housing is for persons who have experienced chronic homelessness and are in need of long term support to maintain their housing and wellness.

Homeless Work Program

The Homeless Work Program provides daily employment to persons living on the streets and shelters. Typical barriers to working are removed and workers are paid daily in cash.

Low Barrier Shelter and Bridge Housing

Low Barrier Shelter and Bridge Housing serves people with high needs and high barriers to traditional shelters. This may include continuing to use alcohol/drugs, those with pets, or couples who do not wish to separate in shelter care. This service level also includes interim housing for persons determined to have a serious mental illness.

Veteran Recovery Communities

Veteran Recovery Communities provide housing and treatment services provided by both OPCS and the Southern Arizona Veterans Administration Health Care System.

Reentry Recovery Communities

Reentry Recovery Communities provide a structured housing and treatment option for persons in need of moderate to intensive support services. Reentry residents participate in Intensive Outpatient Treatment services and receive case management and employment support.