Old Pueblo Bridge Housing

Old Pueblo Bridge Housing offers immediate, low-barrier, compassionate shelter for veterans and others who are chronically homeless. Once sheltered, the individual or family works with an OPCS navigator to enroll him/her in mainstream benefits and find placement in available Supportive Housing in the Tucson area.

OPCS welcomes all individuals with a preference given to those with the highest need as determined by the Vulnerability Index - Service Prioritization and Decision Assessment Tool (VI SPDAT). The VISPDAT is the HUD recommended assessment which ensures that the most vulnerable are the first to be offered safe housing.

Once housed safely in the bridge housing, the veteran works with an OPCS Navigator to obtain necessary identification/documentation and receives referrals to other community agencies and resouces.  Clients participate in the development of an individual plan with their navigator, focused on overcoming barriers to independence and self-sufficiency.  In the final step, the Navigator assists in identifying and placement in supportive housing.

Homeward Bound

This program allows iniividuals the opportunity to immediately transition from the streets and/or homeless camps to safe, secure bridge housing as they begin their journey back to becoming productive members of the Tucson community.

Eligibility for VA benefits is not a requirement for placement in this program. This low-barrier bridge housing is guided by the Housing First principals with removal of barriers common to traditional shelters such as pets, partners, possessions and/or active addictions and untreated mental illness.. The program welcomes all persons unless they present a direct harm to themselves or others.

This program provides furnished 2-bedroom apartments, each to be shared with three other individuals. Length of stay in the shelter is determined on a case-by-case basis.  Food and clothing are provided as needed.  Located near bus routs, clients are able to use public transportation in order to move about the city to enroll in benefits, look for employment and locate permanent housing.