Those We Serve

Old Pueblo Community Services serves individuals who face homelessness largely due to substance abuse, PTSD, Brain Trauma Injury, and/or mental illness.  We welcome men, women and families reentering the community from the streets, incarceration, combat, hospitalization, treatment, and/or detoxification.

Reentry Statistics
  • More and more men and women are incarcerated each year.  Of those, 95-97% will be released back to the community.

  • Approximately 85% of all inmates have drug or alcohol related problems resulting in criminal behaviors.

  • Taxpayers pay an average of $65.74/inmate/day for incarceration in Arizona Department of Correction facilities.

  • The average cost for services at Old Pueblo Community Services is $30.00/resident/day and includes case management and extensive supportive recovery services so formerly incarcerated may overcome the challenges of         re-entry.

  • Without support to provide stability and encourage recovery, 67% of those released in Arizona will be re-arrested in 3 years and 42% will be re-incarcerated.

    We move people from a state of Hopelessness to Hopefulness!

Veteran Statistics
  • 1/3 of all adult homeless are Veterans.

  • 70% of these homeless Veterans suffer with substance abuse.

  • 45% of the Veterans that suffer with substance abuse also suffer with mental illness.

  • There are an estimated 196,000 homeless Veterans in the US on any given day. Twice as many will experience homelessness at least ONCE during the course of a year.

  • 3-11% of homeless Veterans are female, the fastest growing homeless population in the U.S.

  • The current unemployment rate for Veterans is 12% versus that of the general population which is 9.1%.

  • A Veteran commits suicide every 80 minutes.