Starting From Within!

When former inmate Ernie Clark, 35, showed up in Tucson in 2012, he didn’t even have a toothbrush.

“I was really starting over,” said Clark, now a lead case manager at Old Pueblo Community Services, to which he looked for guidance on getting a fresh start.

The first time Clark went to prison was in 2001, for an aggravated DUI conviction. He said he spent about eight years as a “complete ghost,” addicted to drugs and in and out of jail for petty crimes, including shoplifting. He had no identification card, no job and no hope.

“Every time I walked out that (prison) gate, the dope man was closer than services,” he said.


Then he met the people who changed his life.

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Former Prisoners Have a Lot Working Against Them

On Sunday, June 28, 2015, The Arizona Daily Star ran a front page article entitled "All In On Prisons" discussing the Arizona prison system and siting constructive alternatives to adding more prison beds in order to address drug abuse and non-violent criminal acts.

As part of the series, a second article entitled "Ex-Offenders get a hand in Pima County" discussed successful transition for former offenders, including a story about Danny Howe, job developer for OPCS, and information about the Second Chance Job Fair, that was held on August 15, 2015